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Our Mission...To Serve.

Embracing our Lord’s gospel, we serve Jesus suffering in the guise of our brothers and sisters who are ailing in body, mind, and spirit, by offering ourselves and material means, when possible, in the spirit of love.

The Mission Clinic is a place of Christian healing and support with a volunteer staff that includes local physicians, nurses and non-medical persons who assist in other areas of need at the clinic. We serve the people who would ordinarily fall through the cracks of our medical system, too poor to afford medical insurance and yet not young or old enough to qualify for government assistance programs.

Many are the “working poor”, the unemployed between jobs or local immigrants unable to afford traditional health care. Many of our patients are receiving health care for the first time! It is not infrequent that a patient comments, “We don't know what we would do without your clinic!”.

Who We Are

We continue the mission originally carried under another name, The Little Flower Clinic. Formerly a mission clinic of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, The Mission Clinic of Berryville represents a growth in the gathering of the hearts and minds of our local community to accept the responsibility of caring for our own, "the least ones" (MT 25:45).

We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization.

How Can You Assist Us?

First and foremost, please keep The Mission Clinic of Berryville and those we serve in your prayers.

Second, while patients are encouraged to make donations, if they are able, most of our funding comes from charitable contributions, which are tax deductible. Some are making monthly contributions to help The Mission Clinic to pay it's own monthly bills (electricity, phone, office and clinic supplies, etc). We would be grateful for any contribution from individuals, groups or businesses to assist us in continuing our mission.


Monetary contributions to support the Mission Clinic should be mailed to:

Mission Clinic of Berryville

700 S. Main St

Berryville AR 72616

Our Location

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